Digithings course

I’ve just registered on this course as I’ve decided my online presence is long overdue and I also feel it will be useful for me to find out about some digital tools that will be of use to me in my work.

I’ve had this blog site since 2008 and, as you can see, haven’t really engaged with it until now! I hope that this course will enable me to engage better with the whole blogging thing!

Digithings asks how I feel about my online identity……it’s something that I’ve struggled with for some time, and don’t as a rule, participate in social networking, and feel wary about creating a  ‘digital footprint’. It’s more to do with being a private person I guess, and I don’t feel comfortable publishing thoughts and feelings in this way! However, I do see the benefits in terms of professional development and networking…..hence this new venture!

As a Learning Technologist I accept that this is something I need to do more, in terms of the learning opportunities it will afford me, and in terms of keeping up to date with the digital world.